The V3L - Engineering and Construction is a company founded in 2010 and has a Class 5 License, operates in the sector of Construction and Public Works.
The vast experience of its partners, as well as its multi-disciplinary formation in areas such as Civil Engineering, Economics and Management, give to V3L competence and technical and management efficiency.
Mission and values
The V3L's mission is to provide services in the field of construction, from the Projet phase, the Construction Works phase and Maintenance phase, always focused on the needs and specificities of each client, as well as overcoming their expectations, combining Rigor and Professionalism.



Management and Coordination of Engineering and Architecture projects

Construction Works

Management, Direction and Building Inspection


Monitoring the implementation of maintenance plans

main works


building Stº Amaro de Alcântara, Portugal

Equipment and Services

Norauto - Odivelas, Portugal                            


building Amadora, Portugal                               


Fisiotorres Clinic in Torres Vedras, Portugal


Home in Montijo, Portugal

Hotels and Restaurants

Sushi Restaurant in Lisbon, Portugal